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Payment Information

Pricing and Currency

The price and currency of an item will vary depending on the country it is being shipped to.

In order to ensure the most accurate pricing, taxes and delivery costs are displayed while browsing our site.

Select your country at the bottom of any Lefts, webpage and the prices and currency will adjust accordingly.

Payment Method

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. All other credit cards, including American Express can be used at checkout via Paypal. Please note only one (1) form of payment method may be used on a single order.

You can also contact us to place your order over the phone with one of our Customer Care agents. Please note that while checkout online allows you to place your order via PayPal, Email may only be placed using Visa or MasterCard.

Payment Error Troubleshooting

If you are attempting to checkout and receive the following error message ‘transaction cannot be processed’ please contact your bank in order for them to authorize the transaction.

If the error message states ‘transaction cannot be processed, contact customer care’ please contact us , and we will be able to further assist you.

Charging Your Card

Once your order has been placed, the necessary funds are held under form of pre-authorization. This is not an actual charge. The pre-authorization ensures that sufficient funds will be available to carry out the transaction.

Once your order has been shipped, your card is charged according to the amount and currency of your order.

If your order is unfortunately cancelled, Lefts, will release the pre-authorization immediately. Please note that it may take your bank additional time to process the funds back to your account.

Personal Information

All information shared with Lefts, when placing an order is confidential. We use secure systems in order to insure that details pertaining to your accounts remain private. For more information on our secure network please visit our Terms & Conditions section.







Visa、MasterCard、Paypal、American Express








transaction cannot be processed(決済ができませんでした)

transaction cannot be processed, contact customer care(決済ができませんでした。カスタマーケアにご連絡ください)




ご注文をキャンセルされた場合、Lefts, はプリオーソライゼーションを即時に解除いたします。



当社は、ご注文の際にLefts,に提供される全ての個人情報を厳重に管理することで、個人情報の保護に努めます。信頼性、安全性、セキュリティの高いシステムを使用し、お客様のアカウントに関する全ての情報を保護しております。 当社の安全性の高いネットワークに関する詳細は、利用規約をご覧ください。

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